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Sleep Success Summit

SLEEP16Sleep Success Summit

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Event Experts

  • Ben Lynch, ND

    Ben Lynch, ND

    Are Your Genes Affecting Your Ability to Sleep?

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      The MTHFR gene and sleep●      Genetics of fatigue and sleepiness●      Treating sleepiness with Vitamin B
  • Jonathan Bailor

    Jonathan Bailor

    Connection Between Sleep and Weight Loss

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      Science behind the sleep and weight loss connection●      Foods for better sleep●      And, foods that negatively affect sleep
  • Donna Gates, MEd, ABAAHP

    Donna Gates, MEd, ABAAHP

    Creating Energy from Better Sleep

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      Fermented foods and and sleep●      How the body ecology diet affects sleep●      Children’s sleep: Choosing the right foods
  • Jillian Teta Sarno, ND

    Jillian Teta Sarno, ND

    Does Gut Health Prevent Quality Sleep?

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      Why you should care about your microbiome●      Sleep and your microbiome●      How sleep affects your gut health
  • Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP

    Izabella Wentz, PharmD, FASCP

    Getting to the Root Cause of Hypersomnia and Thyroid Fatigue

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      Your thyroid and sleep●      Misdiagnosis of hypersomnia●      Is it insomnia or hyperthyroidism?
  • Alan Christianson, NMD

    Alan Christianson, NMD

    Heal Your Adrenals and Get Better Sleep

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      Research about adrenal fatigue and sleep●      What does it mean to be “Wired and Tired?”●      How diet can affect your adrenals and sleep
  • David Cloud M

    David Cloud M

    How Can the National Sleep Foundation Help You?

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      What is the National Sleep Foundation?●      Resources offered by the NSF●      NSF initiatives for the consumer
  • Shiroko Sokitch, MD

    Shiroko Sokitch, MD

    How Chinese Medicine Can Help with Sleep Problems

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      Chinese medicine and sleep●      How Chinese medicine identifies sleep disorders●      Treatments for better sleep
  • Emily Fletcher

    Emily Fletcher

    How Meditation Cured my Insomnia!

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      Emily’s personal story!●      Meditation for better sleep●      Learn meditation quickly and effectively
  • Daniel Kalish, DC

    Daniel Kalish, DC

    How Sleep Influences Functional Medicine

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      Tests to better understand your sleep●      Natural herbal remedies for different sleep issues●      Including sleep in a functional medicine treatment plan
  • David Wolfe

    David Wolfe

    How Your Environment Could Be Affecting Sleep!

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      Earthing and grounding for better sleep●      What is grounding and how can it help?●      Analyzing your environment to sleep better
  • Julie Flygare, JD

    Julie Flygare, JD

    I Have Narcolepsy. Do You?

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      What is narcolepsy?●      Living with narcolepsy●      How is narcolepsy treated?
  • Russell Friedman

    Russell Friedman

    Impact of Unresolved Grief on Sleeping Patterns

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      Grief and sleep●      Grief and nightmares, insomnia, etc.●      How to address these sleep issues
  • Michael Murray, ND

    Michael Murray, ND

    Importance of Sleep to Overall Health and Wellness

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      Sleep’s hidden influence on the immune system●      Sleep and natural medicine●      Connection between blood sugar and sleep
  • Michael Breus, PhD

    Michael Breus, PhD

    Interview with The Sleep Doctor

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      What is insomnia? ●      How is it treated without medication●      What are some of the problems with sleep aids?
  • Trevor Cates, ND

    Trevor Cates, ND

    Is There Such a Thing as Beauty Sleep?

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      What is beauty sleep?●      How can sleep affect the way you look?●      Tips to look more rested
  • Niki Gratrix, BA, Dip ION, NANP

    Niki Gratrix, BA, Dip ION, NANP

    Is Your Past Preventing You from Sleeping?

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      How trauma affects sleep●      Is emotional trauma affecting your sleep?●      Addressing post-trauma for better sleep
  • Alan Greene, MD

    Alan Greene, MD

    Kid’s Sleep Problems (and Parent’s Nightmares!)

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      General guidelines for kids and sleep and kids●      Getting kids back to bed●      Difference between nightmares and night terrors
  • Marc Sklar, DACM, LAc, FABORM

    Marc Sklar, DACM, LAc, FABORM

    Link Between Fertility and Sleep

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      How is sleep related to fertility?●      Learn the best time for sex!●      Insomnia and the fertility challenge
  • Thaddeus Gala, DC

    Thaddeus Gala, DC

    New Perspective on Sleep Apnea

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      What is sleep apnea?●      Inflammation and sleep apnea●      New treatment approaches for sleep apnea
  • Carey Chronis, MD, FAAP

    Carey Chronis, MD, FAAP

    Set the Stage in Infancy for Your Child’s Future Sleep

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      Sleep and infants: What to expect●      Out of your bed and into the crib!●      An important thing that happens at 4 months
  • Eric Zielinski, DC

    Eric Zielinski, DC

    Sleep and Essential Oils: What’s the Connection?

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      Sleep as a public health issue●      Essential oils that can assist with sleep ●      Why is sleep so important?
  • David Brady, ND, DC, CCN, DACBN

    David Brady, ND, DC, CCN, DACBN

    Sleep Dysfunction, Chronic Pain, Stress and Fatigue

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      What the research shows about sleep and pain●      Is fibromyalgia a sleep disorder?●      How better sleep helps fibromyalgia
  • Arianna Huffington

    Arianna Huffington

    Sleep Revolution: Why You Should Be Passionate About Sleep!

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      Mission of Ariana’s new book●      Why sleep deprivation is an epidemic!●      Addressing this public health problem
  • Amy Myers, MD

    Amy Myers, MD

    Sleep, Functional Medicine and Autoimmune Function

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      What is functional medicine? ●      Functional “sleep” medicine? Something new! ●      Role of sleep in autoimmune function
  • Smith Johnston III L, MD

    Smith Johnston III L, MD

    Sleeping on the Space Station

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      What is sleep like on the space station? ●      How do astronauts sleep?●      Why it’s not good to be too sleepy in space!
  • Tom Morter, MD

    Tom Morter, MD

    Subconscious Emotional Patterns Keeping You Awake at Night

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      Turning off your brain for better sleep●      Emotional trauma system for better sleep●      Why trauma leads to pain and poor sleep
  • Dave Woynarowski, MD

    Dave Woynarowski, MD

    Telomeres and Sleep

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      What are telomeres?●      How telomeres affect sleep●      Sleep and the prevention of aging
  • Abel James

    Abel James

    The Fat Burning Man’s Guide to Better Sleep

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      Sleep and burning fat!●      Exercise and sleep●      Sleep bio-hacking
  • Shawn Stevenson, CN

    Shawn Stevenson, CN

    The Sleep Smarter Program

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      How to Sleep Smarter (tips from his book!)●      Sleeping better leads to working better●      Fun sleep hacks you probably don’t know
  • Dan Pardi, MS, PhD

    Dan Pardi, MS, PhD

    Using Light as a Treatment for Better Sleep

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      Exploring light therapy for better sleep●      Which sleep disorders respond to light●      Non-conventional methods for better sleep
  • Terry Cralle, RN, MS, CPHQ

    Terry Cralle, RN, MS, CPHQ

    What It’s Like to Go Through Sleep Testing?

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      What to expect in a sleep lab●      Ins and outs of sleep testing●      Current sleep apnea treatments
  • Harry Massey

    Harry Massey

    Your Body’s Natural Energy and Sleep Patterns

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      Body energy and better sleep●      Science of body energy●      Treatments using body energy
  • Tom Terwilliger

    Tom Terwilliger

    Your Energy Level Is Directly Related to Sleep

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      Impact of sleep on your energy level●      Mindset, sleep and performance●      Taking charge of your sleep and health
  • Magdalena Wszelaki

    Magdalena Wszelaki

    Your Hormones Could Be Affecting Your Sleep

    What You'll Learn +

      ●      Hormones that affect sleep●      Importance of magnesium: Natural sleep enhancer●      Hormone testing for better sleep

Meet Your Host

Michael Breus, PhD

Michael Breus, PhD

Dr. Michael J. Breus is a clinical psychologist and both a diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He was one of the youngest people to have passed the board at age 31 and, with a specialty in sleep disorders, is one of only 168 psychologists in the world with his credentials and distinction. Dr. Breus is on the clinical advisory board of The Dr. Oz Show and appears regularly on the show (39 times in 8 seasons).

Sean Croxton

Sean Croxton

Founder of Underground Wellness

The word most often used to describe Sean is PASSIONate! This passion comes from a lifelong love of fitness and health, and a dream to revolutionize the way THE WORLD thinks about health. Recognizing the failures of health care, Sean promotes the concept of self care. In order to regain and/or maintain superb health, we must become more responsible for ourselves.

After graduating from San Diego State University in 2001 with a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology (emph: fitness, nutrition, and health), Sean began his journey as a certified personal trainer. Despite his extensive education in health, he was met with much failure as clients got heavier and sicker. Client programs consisted of endless cardio and the horrific Food Guide Pyramid. Rather than accept defeat, Sean took his failures as an opportunity for growth. He has since spent thousands of hours educating himself on the many truths that eluded him throughout his formal education, often joking that he got his Master’s from Amazon.com.

After years of study and a litany of classes and course, Sean wants readers and listeners to uncover the root cause(s) of their health challenges. He believes in a holistic, functional approach to rebuilding health from the ground up. As a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist (FDN) and Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor (CMTA), Sean does not focus on symptoms. Rather, he is solely concerned with uncovering the root cause(s) of health challenges.

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