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META21Metabolic Makeover Summit

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Event Experts

  • Samantha Lee Wright

    Samantha Lee Wright

    Finding Motivation as a Mom

  • Amanda Nighbert, RD, LD

    Amanda Nighbert, RD, LD

    Finding the Motivation to Take Care of You

  • Melody Hartzler, PharmD, BCACP, BC-ADM

    Melody Hartzler, PharmD, BCACP, BC-ADM

    How Bad Gut Health is Harming Your Metabolism

  • Keri Chiappino, DC, DACNB, BCN

    Keri Chiappino, DC, DACNB, BCN

    How Brain Waves are Dysregulated in Metabolic Disease

  • Carol Lourie, LAc, ND

    Carol Lourie, LAc, ND

    How Breast Cancer is a Metabolic Disease

  • Nathan Crane

    Nathan Crane

    How Cancers in Men are Metabolic Disease

  • Kara Collier, RDN, LDN, CNSC

    Kara Collier, RDN, LDN, CNSC

    How Continuous Glucose Monitoring Can Predict Metabolic Disease

  • Anthony Jay, PhD

    Anthony Jay, PhD

    How Estrogens in the Environment Causes Metabolic Disease

  • Christine Schaffner, ND

    Christine Schaffner, ND

    How Getting More Sleep Heals Metabolic Disease

  • Lacey Dunn, RD, LD, CPT

    Lacey Dunn, RD, LD, CPT

    How Hormones are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

  • David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

    David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

    How Intermittent Fasting Heals Metabolic Disease

  • Kyrin Dunston, MD, FACOG

    Kyrin Dunston, MD, FACOG

    How Metabolic Disease Makes Menopause Worse

  • Trina Felber, RN, BSN, MSN, CRNA

    Trina Felber, RN, BSN, MSN, CRNA

    How Metabolic Disease Shows on Your Skin and Teeth

  • Jess Peatross, MD, IFMCP

    Jess Peatross, MD, IFMCP

    How Mitochondrial Dysfunction Causes Metabolic Disease

  • Evan Brand, CFMP, NTP

    Evan Brand, CFMP, NTP

    How Mold and Mycotoxins Cause Metabolic Disease

  • Jaban Moore, DC

    Jaban Moore, DC

    How Parasites Lead to Metabolic Disease

  • Shivan Sarna

    Shivan Sarna

    How Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Causes Metabolic Disease

  • Donna Mazzola, PharmD, MS, MBA

    Donna Mazzola, PharmD, MS, MBA

    How Thyroid Disease is Destroying Metabolism

  • Ryan Wohlfert, DC, CCSP

    Ryan Wohlfert, DC, CCSP

    How to Break Free from Chronic Pain and Metabolic Disease

  • Vivian Chen, MBBS, MRCP, MRCGP

    Vivian Chen, MBBS, MRCP, MRCGP

    How to Create a Daily Detox

  • Jodi Cohen, NTP

    Jodi Cohen, NTP

    How to Engage the Parasympathetic Nervous System and Reduce the Risk of Metabolic Disease

  • Eva Detko, PhD, MSc, BA (Hons)

    Eva Detko, PhD, MSc, BA (Hons)

    How to Engage The Vagus Nerve Everyday

  • Sabrina Zielinski

    Sabrina Zielinski

    How to Optimize Exercise to Heal Metabolic Disease

  • Scott Noorda, DO

    Scott Noorda, DO

    How to Stop the Progression from Metabolic Disease to Alzheimer's

  • Eric Zielinski, DC

    Eric Zielinski, DC

    How to Use Essential Oils in Metabolic Disease

  • Eric Zielinski, DC

    Eric Zielinski, DC

    Metabolism Crash Course Webinar with Dr. Lindsey Elmore

  • Lara Zakaria, RPh, MS, CNS, CDN, IFMCP

    Lara Zakaria, RPh, MS, CNS, CDN, IFMCP

    Phytonutrients: The Forgotten Solution to Health

  • The Oola Guys

    The Oola Guys

    Planning a Year of Transformation

  • Mary Clifton, MD

    Mary Clifton, MD

    THC, CBN, Medical Cannabis and Metabolic Disease

  • Olivier Wenker, MD, ABAARM, FAARFM, DEAA, MBA

    Olivier Wenker, MD, ABAARM, FAARFM, DEAA, MBA

    Using CBD in Metabolic Disease

  • Heather Aardema, NBC-HWC, FMCHC

    Heather Aardema, NBC-HWC, FMCHC

    When to Reach Out to a Health Coach

  • Peter Osborne, DC, DACBN, PScD

    Peter Osborne, DC, DACBN, PScD

    Why Avoiding Gluten Can Heal Metabolic Disease

Are you struggling to get a handle on your health issues? The problem might be your metabolism. Join us to discover simple solutions to help you finally makeover your metabolism for life.

Metabolism is the process your body uses to turn food into usable energy. Because every cell in your body requires energy, a disruption in your metabolic function causes dysfunction throughout the entire body.

Before metabolic disease fully shows as diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, it often goes undetected. In the U.S. alone, almost 90% of Americans are metabolically unhealthy, and most don’t even know it.

Metabolism dysfunction impacts every body system and can cause sleep problems, unexplained weight gain, hormone disruption, abnormal menopause, depression, mood swings, brain fog, frequent headaches, food intolerances, food cravings and more. It can contribute to chronic inflammation and illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and autoimmune disorders.

Get the information you need to stop the progression of chronic disease and the endless loop of medications!

Meet Your Host

Lindsey Elmore, PharmD, BCPS

Lindsey Elmore, PharmD, BCPS

Dr. Lindsey Elmore is a board-certified pharmacist, functional medicine clinician, speaker, author, entrepreneur and world-renowned wellness expert. She helps patients uncover true health through diet, exercise, meditation, sleep and transformative self-assessment. As a certified vinyasa, yin and Aroma Yoga® instructor, she teaches students how to reduce stress, control the breath and practice self-love and self-compassion. When not teaching science, she helps other entrepreneurs establish their own health and wellness brands through her business coaching, Brand Strategies Lab.

Dr. Elmore has a degree in chemistry from the University of Alabama, Birmingham and a doctorate in pharmacy from the University of California, San Francisco. She authored Essentials: 75 Answers to Common Questions about Essential Oils and Supplements to help people safely use essential oils, and the vegan, gluten-free cookbook and workbook Clean Slate Cleanse to get people started on an elimination diet to transform their health. 

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