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MAGN21A Magnificent New Normal

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  • Will Tuttle, PhD

    Will Tuttle, PhD

    7 Practices for Developing Your Intuition and Innate Wisdom

  • Tiana Day

    Tiana Day

    A 17-Year Old’s Awakening to Leadership and Fearless Living

  • Ilarion Merculieff

    Ilarion Merculieff

    Ancient Indigenous Wisdom for this Time of Transformation

  • John Hagel, JD, MBA

    John Hagel, JD, MBA

    Attaining High Performance

  • Karen Newell

    Karen Newell

    Bringing the Wisdom of a Direct Experience of Heaven to Transform Us and the World

  • cameron whitten

    cameron whitten

    Calling All Huge-Heart World-Changers

  • Terry Patten

    Terry Patten

    Combining Inner Work and Outer Mission

  • Clare Dubois

    Clare Dubois

    Embrace Your Discomforts, Blast Your Heart Open and Live Your Greatest Expression

  • Jerry Mintz

    Jerry Mintz

    EXCLUSIVE BONUS INTERVIEW: Revamp Your Kids’ Education: From Bored Distance Students to Empowered Natural Learners

  • Holly Woods, PhD

    Holly Woods, PhD

    Finding Purpose to Make Your Greatest Contribution (From an Evolved Stage)

  • BJ Fogg, PhD

    BJ Fogg, PhD

    How to Change Behavior and Make New Habits

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Jeffrey Smith

    How to Get the Most Out of the Event

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Jeffrey Smith

    How to Get the Most Out of the Event 2020

  • Anita Sanchez, PhD

    Anita Sanchez, PhD

    Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times

  • Rick Smith

    Rick Smith

    Inner Authority, Unconditional Love and Authentic Relating

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Jeffrey Smith

    Live Global Celebration of A Magnificent New Normal

  • Jerome Flynn

    Jerome Flynn

    Living Life as a YES

  • Joan Blades

    Joan Blades

    Living Room Conversations -- A World-Changing Tool

  • Tom O'Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN

    Tom O'Bryan, DC, CCN, DACBN

    Mapping Your Journey to Health and Fulfillment

  • Bettie J. Spruill, PCC

    Bettie J. Spruill, PCC

    Mindfulness Practice and Stepping Back from Everything We Think We Are

  • Jewel


    Never Waste a Good Tragedy; Humanity is Built to Evolve

  • Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA, MFT

    Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA, MFT

    Practical Steps for Meaningful Transformation and More Loving Relationships

  • Jim Mitchell, LBM

    Jim Mitchell, LBM

    Practical Tools for Connection, Transformation and Leadership

  • Julie Jilani Esterly

    Julie Jilani Esterly

    Radical Hope, Changing History and Caring for Your Heart

  • Nina Simons

    Nina Simons

    Redefining Yourself

  • Gabriel Kram

    Gabriel Kram

    Restorative Practices

  • Zach Bush, MD

    Zach Bush, MD

    Rethink Everything

  • Sarah McCrum

    Sarah McCrum

    Revamping Your Relationship with Money

  • Jeffrey Smith

    Jeffrey Smith

    Saying Yes to Your Inner Superhero

  • Master Zhi Gang Sha, MD

    Master Zhi Gang Sha, MD

    Soul Healing Practices

  • Master Zhi Gang Sha, MD

    Master Zhi Gang Sha, MD

    Soul Healing Practices Excerpts

  • Rev. Matthew Fox, PhD

    Rev. Matthew Fox, PhD

    Spiritual Steps to Enrich Your Life and Save the World

  • Eric Edmeades

    Eric Edmeades

    Steps for Taking Control of Your Life and Moving Forward

  • Kristin Kirk

    Kristin Kirk

    Surrendering Awake

  • Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

    Bruce H. Lipton, PhD

    Taking Back Your Power to Create a New World

  • Lynne McTaggart

    Lynne McTaggart

    The Power of Our Intention in a Deeply Connected and Transforming World

  • Lynne Twist

    Lynne Twist

    This Precious, Painful, Magical Time is Part of a Prophecy

  • Debra Poneman

    Debra Poneman

    Timeless Success Principles and Life Lessons

  • Bob Roth

    Bob Roth

    Transcendental Meditation, Higher States of Consciousness and Propagating Harmony Through the Unified Field

  • Alison Armstrong

    Alison Armstrong

    Understanding the Differences Between Men and Women

  • David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, ABIHM

    David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, ABIHM

    Uplevel Your Life, Start with Your Brain

  • Sue Morter, DC

    Sue Morter, DC

    Using Bio-Energetics and Quantum Science

  • Stuart Sovatsky, PhD

    Stuart Sovatsky, PhD

    Using Gratitude and Appreciation to Mend and Connect

  • Michelle James

    Michelle James

    Using the Creative Emergence Process to Redefine Your Life

  • Alberto Villoldo, PhD

    Alberto Villoldo, PhD

    Using This Unique Time to Evolve to “Homo Luminous,” a New Expression of Humanity

This is THE PERFECT MOMENT to redefine yourself. Forced out of the familiar patterns of your life, it’s time to make new choices and step into full power to propel yourself (and humanity!) forward.

The global shutdown shifted our world into a “phase transition.” These are magical windows of opportunity found throughout nature, where profound change is possible. In chemistry, for example, the quality of the drops that you add <em>during a phase transition </em>determines your success. Not before. Not after.

Let’s take advantage of this critical window and initiate our own transformation. If we simply get our old lives back, it will become one of the greatest wasted opportunities in history!

How do you want to respond to the calling of our collective future?

What is your vision for a post-pandemic civilization? Let’s do it together!

Meet Your Host

Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey Smith delivers transformational communication on a global scale. Over the past 24 years, he awakened the world to the serious health dangers of GMOs and Roundup through bestselling books, award-winning movies, and 1,000 lectures and 1,000 interviews in 45 countries. Named “Person of the Year” by Masters of Health magazine, his work is considered the major reason why 51% of Americans believe genetically engineered foods are unsafe. He is currently building a worldwide movement to halt the massive release of gene edited organisms, which would irreversibly corrupt and replace nature’s gene pool. He also created the global online program A Magnificent New Normal because he views society’s emergence from the pandemic shut down as an unprecedented opportunity to uplift humanity for generations to come. Given the enormity of the issues and opportunities mankind is facing, he encourages people to: “THINK HUGE…Thinking ‘big’ is so last century.”

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